How to use Granite and Quartz Remnants.

Granite is one of the most important upgrades potential buyers look for when buying a new home. Unfortunately granite is also expensive. Even for smaller jobs like bathroom vanieties, you had to buy a full slab from the Granite Yard, with 80% of the material going to waste. That is why we started Houston Granite Remnants. To help save home owners, and fabricators money by selling them just the pieces they need, rather than whole slabs.

Granite and Quartz Remnants at Houston Warehouse

Selecting your Material

The first step is to visit our warehouse location. We have Thousands of pieces in stock. We will help you select the material in the shape, color and size you want.

Close up view of Granite Remnant


If you already have a fabricator that can cut your material to size, Great! Once the product has been paid for, they can visit our warehouse to pickup the material and take it back to their shop. If you don't have a fabricator, we can put you in contact with one.

CNC Saw cutting Granite Slab


After your fabricator has cut the material to size, its ready for installation.

Hand Cutting and Polishing Granite Countertop
 Houston Granite Remnants Houston Granite Remnants "Because Size Matters"


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